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Finding the wedding guest dress jumpsuit: Part 2 If you haven’t already, you should head over to part 1 for a funny (and somewhat informative) start to the story…but long story short:  I left myself a week to get a wedding guest dress, there was lots of panic, and making the difficult decision of which brand to buy from – all through the scope of the consumer decision journey. After coming up with my initial

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As a marketer, you often consider the decision journey taken by your customers to reach you - determining what led them to need your products or services, how they found you, why they chose you and all the bits in between.   The Consumer Decision Journey   Court et al, 2019 Whilst we are putting ourselves in the shoes of others, have you ever stopped to analyse your own consumer decision journey? For me, that

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IT’S CHRISTMAS – as everyone keeps telling me, whether it be my colleagues, the radio or market full of people just outside our offices. Let us not forget that the Christmas adverts have arrived and the battle of the brands that occurs every December has begun.  The Christmas ads seem to start earlier each year and signal to begin your shopping or risk rush buying your presents on Christmas eve at the nearest garage .

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Will GDPR assist the revival of direct mail? By now you are probably sick of hearing about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on May 25th, 2018 – but how will reigning in the use of personal data impact the way we can directly market to consumers? GDPR sets out to unify data protection laws across Europe and give individuals better control of their personal data, as well as imposing

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There have been hundreds of PR disasters in history. Whether it was Gerald Ratner calling his products ‘total crap’ and virtually destroying his business overnight, or more recently, Sports Direct handling of their controversial zero hour contracts and less-than-minimum-wage paying jobs. Having Mike Ashley turn up to a press conference at their ‘improved warehouse facilities’ and dropping a grand’s worth of fifties into the plastic bin before going through security was just plain ridiculous. The

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It seems that nowadays every other post on your social media timeline is someone promoting how #great a new product is, or is something they “simply couldn’t live without”. How did this all come about? When did everyone suddenly become a social influencer, a brand advocate or a niche promoter? Exposure to content has rocketed in the past couple of years – we are absolutely glued to our smartphones – on our daily commute, at

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One morning I was listening to a podcast advising businesses how they should be using Pinterest. I was hastily making notes from the 49 minute long consult, scribbling down key points from Jeff Sieh, a Pinterest guru, when I stopped and looked at what I had just copied down… “Think outside the box" Jeff Sieh, a social media consultant, was advising listeners to “think outside the box” when they're creating new content. I stared at

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My answer to many questions over the past 10 years has been: “Have you Googled it?” Such was my love for the search engine that I even suggested at one point (albeit after a few glasses of wine) that if I were ever to have another child I would name it “Google Fish” – thankfully for him/her, I sobered up and decided that my family was complete. My love is, however, slowly starting to fade…

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