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Not your average


Ministry of Fish started with three things: vision, passion and half a bottle of wine.

With total dedication to our clients, their needs and their expectations, we have swum from strength to strength becoming a truly global agency. With extensive experience across creative media and marketing... the world is our oyster!


We have created an environment centred around our people. We’re playful yet skilful. We believe in growing talent, nurturing natural skills and developing new ones. We’re a team, a shoal of imaginaries.

We work on trust and understanding, within our team and with our clients.
Our relationships matter as much in house as they do out.





We’re not actively hiring right now, but we favour the brave. Whether you have a keen eye for detail, accounts or a creative flair - if you think we could be a match, we'd love to hear from you.


I have been really pleased with how this project has gone from start to finish, and all you guys have done for this...
Sam Norris, HIPPO